Yuri Martins has declared poker to be “a science.”

Yuri Martins has spent more time atop the poker “food chain” than any other player in the nation. For almost a decade, the Paraná native has been consistently besting the world’s beating in live and online competition.

Yuri has set a new Brazilian record for cash prizes at live events, and he has also twice topped the PocketFives leaderboard.

Solvers, a kind of software that determines the optimal approaches for the situations selected by players, have brought about significant changes to the game throughout this time period. Yuri has upgraded his study techniques to stay on top. The former world number one shared his technique for working off the felt on Instagram. Look at this:

Using the scientific technique to study poker is a literal statement. The research process consists of the following steps: issue identification, hypothesis creation, hypothesis testing, conclusion drawing, and application of findings.

That’s why you may call poker an established scientific fact.

Before the advent of solvers, “studying poker” meant attending courses, chatting to other players, and examining past tournaments. There were always skeptics, even after all that. Simply because we couldn’t provide evidence that our actions were appropriate.

The solvers’ development led to a noticeable improvement in technical sophistication. Some players have only been playing for a short time, yet they’re already up there with the greatest in the world because to these systems.

Use the resources available to you and focus on the most often encountered circumstances while learning poker.

How often does this occur? It’s time before the flip.

The first is open raise, or knowing what hands to play in each situation.

Second, how to respond when someone stands up.

The post-flop situation where the button raised and the large blind called is the first one I would analyze.

You need to practice how to respond in both situations and with a variety of textures in preparation for the inevitable flop.

My preferred method of education is to choose a problem, bring it to the laboratory (the solvers), and go deeply into it to see whether my hypotheses hold up.

When I’m satisfied with the results of a certain research, only then do I go on to another.

Knowing how to exploit your opponents’ weaknesses and win poker tournaments requires a solid grounding in game theory.

And you can only obtain that comprehension by taking your questions back to the lab, testing your thesis with the equipment, and incorporating the results into your next session.

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