WSOP: Pedro Garagnani and Kun Aguero Win ITM in $50,000 Championship

Pedro Garagnani Takes WSOP $50,000 High Roller ITM...

A major event at the 2023 WSOP has been canceled until the second half of the year. The $50,000 High Roller (Event #84) attracted the best of the high rollers, including the only Brazilian player, Pedro Garagnani. 9Tales Pro managed to enter the prize pool, but was eliminated shortly after.

Garagnani outlasted 176 entrants to finish 26th. With only 27 players remaining after the bubble burst, the Brazilian quickly claimed the $80,920 jackpot pool. “pvigar” had his third ITM at the WSOP this year, with one out in Event 65 and another in the Main Event.

Pedro’s exit was a good coin toss. With blinds at 40,000/80,000, he raised to 160,000 from the cutoff and player Justin Kindred announced he was all-in from the big blind. Galagiani called for a count and found that he had slightly fewer shots than he had been given. He called for 1,400,000, AJ was behind and his opponent had 77. AJ even came up on the flop, but also a 7, and the KJ74K board ruled the case.

Also, former soccer player Sergio “Kun” Aguero was eliminated in the price range. The Manchester City legend had long been one of the tournament’s biggest stacks but found himself losing most of his chips before the final hand. Aguero finished the high-stakes tournament in 19th for $88,506.

The Argentine defended the big blind after Johannes Straver raised after a hijack at 60,000/120,000 blinds. Aguero called his opponent’s 150,000 c-bet on the AK7 flop, and after Straver bet 300,000 on the T-turn, Aguero also called his opponent’s 150,000 bet. The river was the 5 and the Dutchman called it all-in. Aguero, 700,000 yards behind, thought for four minutes before making a heroic call with a K2. Straver put A8 on the table and took the nice pot.

Pedro Garagnani Takes WSOP $50,000 High Roller ITM...

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