WSOP 2023 Day 29: Kaju and Sergio Martinez Issue Horseshoe Warning…Double!

WSOP 2023 Day 29: Kaju and Sergio Martinez Issue H...

Three gaps and a seventh between our three opponents in the Plo event belonged to their nine and seven and is a WPT champion and well known on the American circuit, but the only one who gave a bad feeling to the other two Spaniards Lautaro Guerra and Dani Barriocanal leading the way in the event was the Norwegian Mads Amot, he is the only one who has the three dangerous abilities of experience, familiarity with the game system and chips at the same time.

  1. Ka Kwan Lau 28,200,000
  2. Sergio Martinez 17,475,000
  3. Mads Amot 12,850,000
  4. Roger Teska 6,400,000
  5. Andjelko Andrejevic 3,425,000

The news, with the approach of an unprecedented doubles event at the 54th WSOP and major international circuit, puts an end to the bad impression we had of Javier Zarco and Antonio Gonzalez “jonwayne69” being eliminated in the Event #53 $1,500 MILLIONAIRE MAKER .

See how the direction of concentration can ruin Jon’s four days of work in the game. As an SB, 13BB is very valuable in a game with such a low average, and Antonio clearly sees an effort to steal the blinds. BB didn’t get a raise, Jon didn’t realize it if hands weren’t wide open from UTG. Jon even reached his T9.Sorry for all the upvotes I’ve gotten, hope there’s more. Thank you so much. Kiss and hug.

— Antonio Gonzalez (@jonwayne69) June 27, 2023

Javier Zarco‘s attacking strategy was correct, but it set him off on a seesaw of ups and downs that turned into a continual drama when two tables remained.

Losing two hands in a row spells doom and dismal streak material at No. 14.

Another man close to joining the Spanish party is juanki vecino, who awaits redraws of the last three tables with sergio aido and alvaro aido and alvaro puchol puchol . On a clean hand on the button, he finds a stacked pressure and throws in a 3-bet with SB’s A5. Jesse Lonis brought a premium in KK steals and left us at 14BB. The draw insisted on another fight and Lonis paid for Ju anki’s direct all-out with A6, knocking him out of the game.

WSOP 2023 Day 29: Kaju and Sergio Martinez Issue H...

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