WSOP 2023 Day 12: Amadi Wins From $50,000 Late Event With Mini Pot

WSOP 2023 Day 12: Amadi Wins From $50,000 Late Eve...

Adrian Mateos Offers Sergio Aido on Day 23 of Event 23 of the 2023 World Series of Poker Event 23 $50,000 Six-Max Event Help.

Late registrations attracted enough players to bring the field to 124 hopefuls, with prizes paid to 17 players and funds required of $1,546,024

Adrian got off to a solid start, allowing him to triple his meager stack before the first break, paying off his second Chips buy. This evened the odds between Adrian and Sergio at the same table.

None of the Spaniards’ performances could improve, and things got tougher for them as the bubble loomed. Aido failed to make it to the final 27-seat draw; Adri, on the other hand, managed to screw himself into the table and took the lowest card.

The demands of the bubble were so high that the Madrid-born player nearly broke. The first big blind he had to post he called desperately with 8-3 and more than half of his chips were in the BB’s pot. Seth Davies had Q9 in the SB and was eliminated (17.$89,669).

Davis will end the day as a short stack at the final table with five players remaining, dominated by former world No. 1 Alex Fox.

Poker Gladiators $300 has officially become the second largest event in WSOP history after 8,467 tickets were sold on Saturday afternoon for a total of 23,102 entrants.

All competitions on the first day ended with prizes, and few survivors survived. Only 827 players were present on the second day. We found no Spanish players in the new seat draw, so the Hispanic Box List for the tournament is as follows.

Day 18A. 356. Javier Campomar $601. Day 18B. 166°. Juan Romero $971. Day 18. 1.231°. Raul Gutierrez $480.


Event #20: $1,500 Badugi

Michael Rodrigues $688,860 (516 Players)

Portugal wins again Michael Rodrigues leads us in bracelet count by a year as he becomes the official WSOP Badugi Champion for the event’s first debut as a stand-alone event.

Event #20: $1,000 PLO 8- Max

Stephen won $267,991 (2,071 players)

The $1,000 PLO winner was last known. The final hand of the tournament was a huge triple all-in, and Nam had too many beers to read the charts before his opponent. Before the break, he had time to say he’s a cash player and will recover in time for the next mixed NHLE and PLO tournament.

What’s happening starting today, June 11th?

Event #26: $800 DeepstackEvent #27: $1,500 8 6-MaxOnline Event #5: $400 for 8

WSOP 2023 Day 12: Amadi Wins From $50,000 Late Eve...

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    This text appears to be a summary or recap of a poker tournament, specifically Event 23 of the 2023 World Series of Poker. It provides details about the players, their performances, the number of participants, and the prizes awarded. It also mentions other upcoming events in the tournament.

  • The text provides a summary of Day 23 of Event 23 of the 2023 World Series of Poker, highlighting the performance of Adrian Mateos and Sergio Aido. It mentions the number of players, prize funds, and their respective accomplishments in the tournament. Additionally, it mentions the record-breaking attendance of Poker Gladiators $300 event and lists some Spanish players’ achievements in other events.

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