When Neymar gets Moraes into trouble

When Neymar gets Moraes into trouble

Perhaps when one sees figures from other environments dabbling in poker, having fun, even being promoted by rooms that generally target professionals, some time puts them under the magnifying glass. To determine how good they are and how deep they are in the subject. In the case of Neymar, it can be said that he has already passed the barrier, and although he cannot be compared to elite players, he is no longer a simple amateur enthusiast who knows what an all in is.

The Brazilian national soccer team player and his friend Rafael Moraes, who play under the PokerStars umbrella as ambassadors, found themselves involved in a hand in Event #93-High (US$1,050 NLHE) of the New Year’s Series, Moraes saw Neymar put him at risk with a bet on the river, with a tough decision ahead.

Neymar’s move

After betting on all streets, the now-injured Al Hilal player did not reduce his aggressiveness on the river, putting Moraes in doubt. “Did that bastard bluff me? Did he bluff me?” said the Pro while folding his hand to the player’s bet. “I don’t know, I think it’s tough,” Rafa concluded.

Neymar was not far behind and continued to put chips on the table, while the rest folded. Except for Moraes, who defended the big blind with 6-6. The flop was 7-2-2, and Rafa checked/called the 2.27 BB bet. The play was repeated after turn 5, second spade, this time after a 6.55 BB bet by the player.

Moraes, about to fold against Neymar.

The board then completed with a 10, at which point Moraes checked again. With 28.5 BB remaining in his stack, Rafael was put all in by Neymar, putting him in a complicated situation in the tournament. Not believing the possible bluff, Moraes decided to fold and watched his friend take the pot.

What did Neymar have? It was not known. But, besides guts, a good poker base to make that move to a Pro?

When Neymar gets Moraes into trouble

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  • Kathlyn.goodwin

    This text highlights Neymar’s growing experience and skill in poker, as he had a successful bluff against professional poker player Rafael Moraes. It questions whether Neymar has the necessary knowledge and ability to compete at a high level in poker.

  • This text discusses Neymar’s improving skills in poker, as he made a bold play against professional poker player Rafael Moraes. Despite not knowing Neymar’s hand, his aggressive play suggests he is developing a strong understanding of the game.

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