PokerOK’s Mega Millions Weeklong Tournament Series

PokerOK is hosting the costly Super Millions Week series again this year from April 2-11, with a guaranteed prize pool of nearly $20,000,000. This festival is held periodically in the virtual space, but the next series will be unusual in more ways than one.

Secondly, there will be a number of leaderboard Super Ranking events that provide 100% rakeback and hundreds of other perks to the greatest player of the year.

Second, there are a ton of satellites, so players of all financial means may get in on the action and compete in tournaments with the finest poker professionals.

There are 57 Hold’em tournaments with buyins between $525 and $25,500 scheduled for Super Millions Week. The guarantee will range from $30,000 up to $5,000,000.

The forthcoming PokerOK series will include an unusually large number of satellites. They work for all the best shows on the calendar. Also, calling them makes purchasing a ticket a breeze.

Hundreds of steppers and straight Super and Mega Satellites provide players the chance to win a seat at a major tournament for very little out of pocket.

During the Super Kick Off Bounty, for instance, there are $5 satellites up to a $525 buy-in and a $1,500 guarantee. Twice every hour, for $26 and $55, you may enter to win one of two Mega Satellite tickets. This will get you inside the main attraction without any hassle. They occur once an hour with a prize pool of 2–25 tickets.

The main event has a $5,000,000 guarantee and a $10,300 buy-in, with a starting stack of $10 and a $108 re-entry fee. Those that do well there will be entered into the $1,050 championship tournament, where they may win one of up to 12 packages worth $10,300.

The series doesn’t start until April 2, but all the satellites in the lobby have already begun. You may get tickets in advance to sell at tables populated by the world’s best poker players.

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