Poker Face: When and Where to Watch Poker Face in Argentina and Latin America

Poker Face: When and Where to Watch Poker Face in...

Raise your hand if you have never asked to watch the series, recommend it. Yes, there are hundreds of offers, but with so many, it can be hard to pick just one. So here’s the suggestion to look at a new card that has arrived and is somehow associated with the card. Already from the title “Poker Face” and part of the plot, in the form of ten chapters of the first season (a second season is already being written).

Monty Sahan, CEO of streaming platform SkyShowtime announced at the Cannes Film Festival’s Marketplace presentation, among other novels In addition, “Poker Face” will also land in Spain, which is the first time the critically acclaimed series will be shown outside the United States and Spanish-speaking countries. The good news is, we now know when the show will be released in Latin America.

Starring Natasha Lyonne, Adrien Brody, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Nick Nolte and Ron Perlman It will air with all episodes of the first season in 2023. The director is Rian Johnson, who signed both parts of Dagger in the Back, one of the Star Wars saga films. , The Last Jedi.

Originally, “Poker Face” has been available on the Peacock website in the US since the day it premiered on January 23. In Latin America there is already a release date: August 17 on Universal+, for example in Argentina it can be seen on the cable network operator Telecentro.

So, for critics, “Poker Face” is one of the most solid episodes Peacock has ever released, and the show feels like a classic at its best , Issue comfortable TV programs. This stylish series of suspenseful tales gives established stars the time and space to solve new cases: How to develop a famous character and attract fans to join. ” From Variety.

Adrien Brody and Nata Natasha Lyonne, star of Poker Face.

Los Angeles Times, according to is it “a piece of pure fun“. Although Poker Face It’s smart, with a modern attitude, but it’s still as direct, simple, and well-prepared as it can be, to enjoy: comfort food, not “sublime,” but delicious.”

Beyond the headline, poker isn’t what it should be The most important part of the series, but its connection to this mind sport stems from casino waitress Charlie’s ability to break down “poker faces” and detect when someone is lying to solve crimes. Of course, there are even cards, tables, and chips seen in the trailer.

So enjoy it… And of course, if you recommend it, please leave a comment.

Poker Face: When and Where to Watch Poker Face in...

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