Online Poker in Croatia 2022 | Best Poker Rooms

Poker in Croatia has long been regulated and is known for the variety of poker rooms on offer. From this article you will learn about the best of them and the playing conditions for local players.

Online poker in Croatia 2022

Best poker rooms in Croatia

GG poker

The room offers the largest field of online players in the world, with more than 300,000 connections during peak hours. Short deck tables in no-limit hold’em and 4-card Omaha with ten limits from $0.01/0.02 to $50/100 are most popular, including the Fast Poker format. There’s action in more unusual types of poker, too: 5-card Omaha, 6+, AoF.

Most bonuses and customers are “honed” for amateur players. Regular customers are attracted by millions of dollars in monthly bonuses and a 100% first deposit bonus of up to $600.

poker king.

The leader in possible discounts: the best greeders here can get back up to 65-70%. Regulars are half that.

The main stream gathers during prime time in the U.S., hitting the best $2.5/$5 Texas Hold’em 6-max and 9-max tables. Unlike most competitors, classic SnG tournaments have BI up to $10, and the client side supports poker trackers.

WPT Global

Croatia is one of the few European countries where you can play WPT Global. Most of the players are Chinese. That’s why most of the tables are for 8 players, with ante/straddle and RMB play. Almost all of the traffic is concentrated in Texas Holdem with stakes up to $15/$30/$60 ($15).

The client does not support multi-table games, it is more suitable for gadgets.

gambling laws

Like most EU countries, Croatia has its own gambling laws. It was passed in 2014 and meets European standards.

Only gambling sites with a local license can legally operate in the country.

It is true that due to rather strict conditions (significant deposit, cost of licenses, need for physical presence in Croatia) opportunities for legalization are mostly taken by local operators, more focused on offline.

Of international holdings only 888poker does everything legally, but its site was also blocked in 2021 for some tax violation.

The status of online poker

All sanctions for violating the Croatian licensing regime apply only to the website. Players are free to pursue their passions in an offshore poker room.

The system of bonus tax rates also encourages them to do so:

  • Up to €1,300 – 10%
  • Up to €4,000 – 15%
  • Up to €65,000 – 20%
  • Over €65,000 – 30%

That is, a good medium limit regular should give up a third of all withdrawals, not including lost money, at the end of the year.

That’s why Croatian poker players choose sites registered abroad that accept cryptocurrencies and often use Skrill/Neteller cards, so as not to “shine” on their achievements to the authorities.

With that in place since 2017, the only local poker room in the country is SuperSport, Match vs. Croatian Kuna.

Croatia’s best player.

Mattia Dobric

According to, the top Croatian poker player is well ahead of his fellow countrymen in the World Series main event, thanks to his successful participation.

Matija Dobrich has won nearly $2.5 million in live tournaments since 2017, including $2.25 million for his fifth-place finish in the 2022 WSOP Main Event.

In addition, Mattia finished 32nd in the same event the year before.

Croatia’s most successful online player, Marko “markan991” Tokic, won nearly $2 million.

Admittedly, his “best money” was “only” $182,117, far less than that of his compatriot Ivan Zufik, who won the WSOP Online 2020 Mini Main for $500 and immediately earned $855,460. Interestingly, Ivan also finished a glorious third in his country’s offline rankings with more than $1 million in his account.

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