On Tuesday, Luis Dorneles finished third in the $109 Mini Super.

Grinders’ thoughts often return to the Anniversary Sunday Million. A group of Brazilians stormed PokerStars’ felts only days before the semester’s largest event began, and they promptly won a string of important pots.

One elimination away from winning the $109 Mini Super Tuesday, Lus Dorneles came in second. The second-place finisher, whose username is “luisnrd,” deposited a whopping $9,548.

Pedro “gusmaa” Madeira was the last player standing in the $1,050 Super Tuesday. The 4Bet Team ace was eliminated in fifth place, but not before adding $8,269 to his bankroll.

In the $530 Bounty Builder HR that followed, “vitheana” defeated 35 competitors to win $6,929.

Also a winner on the site was Haroldo “ENG.Brito” Brito. He won $5,161 after placing first in the $55 Bounty Builder tournament, which had 572 entrants.

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  • This text highlights the success of Brazilian poker players in various PokerStars tournaments, showcasing their winnings and achievements. It demonstrates their skill and ability to compete against international competitors.

  • This text describes a series of victories by Brazilian poker players on PokerStars, highlighting their impressive earnings from various tournaments. These accomplishments demonstrate the skill and success of these individuals in the poker community.

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