Isaac Haxton Wins 16th Race and Earns His First Bracelet

Isaac Haxton Wins WSOP Event #16 and Wins His Firs...

WIN Winning a WSOP event and earning a WSOP bracelet are feats that many players accomplish in their careers. Flowers aren’t everything, however, and some of football’s legends are only coming close. Isaac Haxton’s name was on that list as of Thursday night, but his incredible Game 16 victory knocked him off the list.

With more than $35 million in live earnings and titles on nearly every track, both online and live, Isaac is building on his long and successful career and winning the $25,000 High Roller The honor was awarded after beating 301 entrants. After getting used to multi-million dollar winnings, Ike took home a whopping $1,698,215.

Of course, those who saw young Ike at the PCA in 2007, when he performed for the first time at the PCA, will say that he finished second in one of the main event performances And taking home $861,789, the first ITM record of his career, he didn’t expect it would take so long for his bracelet to come off.

In an interview during the final table, the current WSOP champion stated that the fact that he didn’t win a gem didn’t bother him as his opponent used the adjective “best player without a bracelet” to describe him. That’s not a bad thing for Ike.

“I’ve been 2nd and 3rd many times and won my biggest prize, so it’s great to finally win. 300 players in a $25,000 tournament, yes, I think it should be one of my biggest wins,” commented the champion.

A brilliant year for the pros Including 6 High Roller Championships, numerous final tables in PokerGO, Triton Series and PokerStars Live Tour (PCA and EPT) as well as major titles on GGPoker tables and participation in the most expensive online tournaments.

At the final table for the bracelet, Ike Haxton faced key players including João Vieira “Naza114”, Brian Rast, Frank Funaro, Roman Hrabec, Lewis Spencer, Darren Elias and finally Brit Ryan O’ Donnell (known as “Moca Choca89”) is heads-up and spin competition. Become a PokerStars Super Miller.

Before the final showdown, he fought a three-handed showdown with Darren Elias, which both lost badly. First, Elias folded from K6 to Ike’s AK on an exciting river play before eventually shoving all-in on the turn on a board of A96J6.

Haxton then won a huge all-in pre-flop, 87 vs. AJ, KQ373 to Elias, who then made a big move against Ryan Eliminated in a fiasco. Ike dominated the duel that lasted several hands, holding AJ and finally getting all-in against Ryan’s AT.

It looked like the Brit folded after the board T33 and the queen turned into a win. Isaac Haxton on J River ended the legendary player’s saga of finding the bracelet with this message: “I’ll be trying to win Event 23 this Friday ($50,000 High Roller 8-Max),” he said. concluded. .

See the final results for Event #16:

1. Location – Isaac Haxton (USA) – $1,698,215

Second Ranking – Ryan O’Donnell (UK) – $1,049,577

3rd – Darren Elias (USA) – $725,790

4 – Lewis Spencer (UK) – $511,782

5 – Roman Hrabec (Czech Republic) – $368,134

6. – Frank Funaro (USA) – $270,238

7 – Brian Rast (USA) – $202,532

8 – João Vieira (Portugal) – $155,037

Isaac Hack Ston and Justin Bonomo, his good friends

Isaac Haxton Wins WSOP Event #16 and Wins His Firs...

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