Is taking an MTT in the morning the key to success?

Is taking an MTT in the morning the key to success...

Every now and then a poker story comes along that fascinates and inspires those who want to make a living from poker, and recentlya fact has been shown to the public that it is possible to An important issue that has received little attention: MTT’s timeline.

The story Mantelo told him.

This time, a grinder who calls himself Mantlo becomes. He began his adventure with the Money Challenge and went from free play to nearly $100,000 in 72 weeks. Interestingly, when his case was investigated, he admitted that he enjoyed racing in the morning.

While So while the rooms offer the most attractive series and MTTs at times that can be played at the same time as most players from all over the world, usually in the afternoon or evening, there is also a schedule that offers a range of games in the early hours of the day, And the tables don’t seem that competitive.

“First thing I want to say is that my dream is to play in the morning, but have people finish their work and play in the afternoon. The prizes are much bigger, and chances are some players will do the same.” “They were tired or drunk when they played,” Mantello explained.

“But is the game much better? The only thing missing from the morning session is good pros. If the game gets more difficult, I’d say avoid it.” Arguably, the pros are more important than finding the fish . ”

Is taking an MTT in the morning the key to success...

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  • The text discusses a poker player named Mantelo who went from playing for free to earning nearly $100,000 within 72 weeks. It highlights the importance of timing in poker games, suggesting that playing in the morning may lead to less competition but also fewer skilled players.

  • This text discusses a poker player who was able to make a significant amount of money in a short period of time by playing in the morning when the competition is less skilled. The player also mentions that while the prizes are bigger in the afternoon, the competition is tougher, so it may be better to play in the morning to find weaker players.

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