I’m not going to refund Robbie Lew’s money, says Garett Adelstein.

The controversy that broke in September of last year has taken on new hues in the reporting. The American poker player Robbie Lew has been accused of fraud, as we detailed in earlier pieces.

She was accused of working with the dealer to rig the game in their favor. American poker player Garrett Adelstein accused her of cheating during that fatal hand.

The events that followed were themselves very fascinating. Robbie agreed to repay Garrett for his stolen money, but she refused to accept that she had cheated on him.

Since the dealer who dealt the cards had a criminal background, many poker players doubted Lew’s honesty. If Robbie were correct, then why would she give up her prize money?

When the poker player passed a lie detector and reestablished her credibility, everything changed. For his part, Adelstein kept quiet about the matter until quite recently. It was first brought up by Garrett Adelstein and Douglas Polk on one of their poker podcasts.

While Lew and Adelstein agreed that Adelstein would give the money to charity, many people of the community have been pressuring Garrett to restore the money to its rightful owner for the last six months. When asked whether he planned to repay Robbie Lew, Polk replied the player would.

“I will not return Robbie’s money under any circumstances. In my opinion, I was deceived in this gift “According to Adelstein.

The gamer also urged Robbie’s supporters to consider how they would respond if they too were the victim of cheating. Whatever the situation may be, Garrett stands by what he said.

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