How to get AI Live Assistant?

The third week of May has begun and another episode of MarcaPoker is here. The Spanish radio show of this mind sport is back with an interesting topic, good times for all podcasters and poker lovers alike. The show is celebrating its 218th run, so preparations are underway for the following topic: Artificial Intelligence

  • A Conversation with Rodrigo Corzo, a tournament grinder that explains how we have an assistant with artificial intelligence representing us at the poker table.
  • About it exhibits the greatest overlay history of live and online tournaments and how to spot your opponent’s weaknesses to succeed.
  • An overview of the best live tournaments going on today
  • A roundup of the biggest news of the week.

You can hear this from the delayed version of the announcer David Luzago listen img src=”/wp-content/uploads/8/ and more es.gif” alt> Click on the digital player below:

What is Marca Poker?

The world of poker is more modern than ever and there are already hundreds of thousands of players around the world. That’s why they deserve a place for them.

Marca Poker brings you the world of poker from one program; interviews, news, debates, rankings, live events, deliberations and everything you can think of about the map world .

All the latest news of the map world comes from David Luzago , the most important in Spanish poker one of the voices. Players, announcers and organizers of countless events are responsible for the management and presentation of the room.

This radio show is broadcast every Sunday evening on Spanish Radio Marca and is sponsored by the online poker room

If you want to listen to other shows, we invite you to browse his online archive, which you can access from this link, and you will definitely spend some time on this show Live a pleasant moment full of fun, this show is now the most listened to in Spanish. Responsible

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  • This text is promoting the MarcaPoker radio show, which focuses on poker news, interviews, debates, and live events. It mentions an upcoming episode discussing artificial intelligence in poker and highlights the show’s popularity among Spanish poker enthusiasts.

  • I think this text is promoting the radio show MarcaPoker and its upcoming episode on Artificial Intelligence in poker. It highlights the show’s popularity and the variety of content it offers for poker enthusiasts. The text also mentions the show’s sponsor and encourages listeners to check out previous episodes in their online archive.

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