Gerard Carbó’s Victory and Vicente Delgado’s Chance of Revenge at GGPoker

Gerard Carbó's Victory and Vicente Delgado's Chanc...

GGMillion$ 10k$, the artist formerly known as Super Million$, remains the most attractive brand for Asian operators.

Last week, Juan Pardo’s win gave us another great day of poker, ending about a dozen FT draws Trophy winning streak.

It’s a celebration for everyone, but if anyone has a more plausible excuse for not wanting to party too much, maybe the only one in the entire community, it’s VincentDelgado, who was not in the photo at the end, because he fell to finish 10th in the final table bubble of the same tournament.

One of the most beautiful things about poker is disappointments, of which there are many, but are made up for by good moments, though not so many. Vicente was compensated for the setback without waiting more than 7 days, as it will be his turn to compete for the millionaire prize at the GGMillion$ final table this Tuesday.

Gerard Carbó's Victory and Vicente Delgado's Chanc...

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