Galfond hosts luxury poker-focused “spiritual retreats.”

Galfond hosts luxury poker-focused

Phil Galfond is one of the most authoritative players in the industry. Due to his performance at the poker table and his frequent critical analysis of various topics, he gets attention every time he has something to say, and now it seems he intends to take his lessons to another level.

Since launching his poker room Run It Once, the American has also tried to work away from the tables. He recently entered the world of personalized coaching with a select group of players, but now he wants to take the next step and propose what he calls “Retreats and Trainings.” Planning an eventthat will be aspiritual retreatfor him.

Part of the mansion where Galfond would organize his “spiritual retreats.”

In a more detailed X/Twitter post, Galfond revealed all the details. He admits that he greatly enjoys the coaching process, but emphasizes that on-screen teaching lacks interactivity, which is crucial for player development, which is why he launched this initiative, and not just poker.

A retreat and rest planner event (January 18-22)Who, What, When (↑), Where, and Why

My favorite environments for learning and growth are retreats and masterminds.

I’ve been to several, but it all started with Elliott’s Roes control room mastermind years ago…

– Phil Galfond ( @PhilGalfond) November 29, 2023

“A Retreat and Mastermind Event (18.-Jan. 22).

Who, What, When (↑), Where and why.

My favorite settings for learning and growth are retreats and masterminds. I’ve been to several, but it all started years ago with Elliot Roy Roe’s Control Room Mastermind… (Read More) 18-22 Sprawling 26,000-square-foot estate in Palm Springs includes 15 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms plus billiards room, gym, sauna and massage room, tennis court, swimming pool and spa.

Retreat Details

The program includes comprehensive personal sessions with experts as well as special sessions dedicated to personal and professional development. He assured that “we will all do our best to help you overcome any obstacles that stand in the way of your greater success.”

He clarified that while registrant profiles may be poker-oriented, heintends to remain silent The content of cultivation is much more than that.

The cost is $10,000 if you have your own room (with private bathroom), or $7,500 if you want to share a room. Number of participants is limited to 12 to 15 and registration is done through the publication.

Galfond hosts luxury poker-focused

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  • Bert.stiedemann

    This text discusses how Phil Galfond, a prominent poker player, is expanding his coaching services by organizing spiritual retreats and trainings for a select group of players. These retreats aim to provide a more interactive and immersive learning experience. The cost of participation ranges from $7,500 to $10,000, and registration is limited to 12 to 15 participants.

  • Herzog.eugene

    This text discusses how Phil Galfond, a prominent poker player, has expanded his career by offering personalized coaching and now plans to host retreats and trainings for personal and professional development. He emphasizes the importance of interactivity in player development and aims to help participants overcome obstacles for success. The retreats will take place at a luxurious estate and registration is limited.

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