Gabriel Schroeder leads Brazil on Day 3 of LAPT Panama Main Event

Gabriel Schroeder leads Brazil on Day 3 of LAPT Pa...

Gabriel Schroeder was the country’s highlight at the LAPT Panama Main Event with strong finishes in the DeepStack Championship and WSOP. At the end of the first day, he was the leader and finished the next stage of the title race just behind homegrown Michael Hou. While the new CL has 1,642,000 in chips, the Brazilian will have 1,458,000 in chips.

Brazil will claim their first Main Event title at the Panama event if Gabriel makes the title call. In previous editions, Andrés Luna (Colombia), Shakeeb Kazemipur (Canada), Fabián Ortíz (Argentina), Galal Dahrouj (Colombia) and Leo Fernández (Argentina) took the podium. They all left Central America with six-figure prize money, but that will no longer be the case in 2023, as the top prize is $80,000.

Among the other 24 qualifiers, there are three other players from the country, all ranked below. The Main Event chip average is 653,846. They are Rodrigo Caraviello (412,000), Leandro Ruy (334,000) and Jair Coelho (288,000).

The match will resume at 16:00 (Brasilia time) and end with the FT lineup. The blinds are 8,000/16,000 and the ante is BB. Check the number of chips:

1. Michael Hou (Panama) 1,642,000

2. Gabriel Schroeder (Brazil) 1,458,000

3. Rafael Henriquez (Venezuela) 1,421,000

4. Christian Hospina (Panama) 1,321,000

5. Mamoun El Hinnawi (Venezuela) 1,171,000

6. Anthony Diotte (Canada) 1,164,000

7. Fabian Balboa (Mexico) 783,000

8. Nicolas Andres Veloza Acosta (Colombia) 779,000

9. Rodrigo Zuvi (Argentina) 762,000

10. Diego Arrow (Argentina) 608,000

11. Ricardo Rodriguez Moreno (Panama) 561,000

12. Juan Baratini (Argentina) 494,000

13. Felipe Roldán (Colombia) 474,000

14. Terje Bremseth (Panama) 439,000

15. Danilo Jimenez Cubilo (Costa Rica) 422,000

16. Rodrigo Caraviello (Brazil) 412,000

17. Adrian Troya Sanntos (Panama) 400,000

18. Luis Carlos Morales Villamontes (Panama) 375,000

19. Francisco Javier Corvalan Armas (Chile) 339,000

20. Leandro Ruy (Brazil) 334,000

21. Anton Theodoor Clemens Markus Meekma (Netherlands) 328,000

22. Enrique Adrian Selaya Vera (Bolivia) 294,000

23. Jair Coelho (Brazil) 288,000

24. Jose Raul Severino Cardoze (Panama) 265,000

25. Giancarlo Oliviero (Venezuela) 248,000

26. Tony Nicola (Venezuela) 199,000

Gabriel Schroeder leads Brazil on Day 3 of LAPT Pa...

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