During the time after the series, Weisman is given some crucial advice.

For poker players, the series season is among the most stressful periods of the year. Now is the time to play since that’s when the tournaments are many, the stakes are great, and lives may be altered forever. But, there are negative consequences to all this pressure, which may affect even the most successful people. Dylan Weisman, a US citizen and WSOP bracelet winner, discussed his experience publicly.

The professional shared his struggles with his fellow players on Twitter. During a hectic period with multiple competitions, Weisman admitted that he was fatigued and in need of rest. He sought advice from industry veterans for this purpose.

After a long poker tournament, I am completely wiped out. Taking care of myself first for the next several days, but I know I need to make some changes to my processes.

Have other individuals ever had this happen to them? Do you, @RealKidPoker, or @JasonKoon, have any decompression advice from the old timers?

After a long poker tournament, I always feel really burned out. The next several days will be dedicated to self-care, yet I can’t shake the notion that my systems need updating.

Is this a common occurrence, or just me? @RealKidPoker, @JasonKoon, any advice on how to relax from the old timers?

As tweeted by Dylan Weisman on March 20, 2023 (@Dweisman13).

Not only did the aforementioned pair pay heed to the plea, but so did a large number of other individuals, proving that these are universal sentiments. After being “called out” by Weisman, Jason Koon made it a point to publicly reply with his strategy for dealing with adversity:

Present-moment gratitude is a great assistance to me. The routine might be draining and unpleasant at times, but the actress is certain she will look back on her time in the spotlight with gratitude.

Daniel Negreanu chimed in as well: “I feel it too, more so every year. A day or two of utter laziness on the sofa, sleeping while watching TV, etc., is something I indulge myself. The Canadian said, “I’ve had adrenal gland fatigue before, so I pay attention to how my body feels.”

Each of them provided quite helpful advice for the participants, although in different ways. A poker pro’s career also requires keen awareness and the ability to seize the moment.

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