Diego Cuellar continues to promote world festivals

One should always expect something from Diego Cuellar. The daily online tournament player gave something extra when the GGPoker World Festival caliber series arrived, achieving what he did in the previous edition.

The famous Mrhyde97 left his mark in the first week of promotion, but now he is back to show how he can perform with so many tournaments to win.

The thing is, Cuellar was involved in the Event #100-H: $1,050 Monday Monster Stack HR in a $772,000 event with 772 entries to Fifth place finished the competition and won $37,318.

The competition lasted 12 hours and 5 minutes, and the winner was Testosterone, who made $108,028. He defeated Roman Hrabec, closing at $82,819. Completing the podium was gebgeb, who earned $63,493 after three tries. Also ahead of Diego was UngaBungaa, who earned $48,677 for fourth place.

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