Diego Costa Wins $525 Bounty Hunter HR Championship

Diego Costa Wins $525 Bounty Hunter HR Championshi...

Millers across the country were hard at work in the online MTT until the end of the straight on Tuesday 1st. Diego Costa is the $525 Bounty Hunters HR winner on GGPoker Felt. By defeating 296 opponents, the owner of the “Dihh21” account earned $25,576. Marcelo “MasesNeto” Aziz dropped to sixth place and won $6,612.

In the $1,050 Tuesday HR Classic, Ricardo “RegAposentado” Nascimento finished fifth out of 110 players, adding $8,588 to his bankroll.

“Zucao da Med” made the podium in the $215 Daily Heater [Bounty Turbo] competition and won $6,489. 178 entrants took part in the tournament.

“XunekasNF” won the gold medal and $6,348 in the $21.60 Bounty Hunters Big Game.

In the $77 Lucky Sevens Superstack Turbo “PartOfTheGame beat 409 opponents for $5,720.

Diego Costa Wins $525 Bounty Hunter HR Championshi...


  • This text provides a brief summary of recent accomplishments in online poker tournaments. It highlights the successes of various players, including Diego Costa, Marcelo MasesNeto Aziz, Ricardo RegAposentado Nascimento, “Zucao da Med,” XunekasNF, and PartOfTheGame, detailing the prizes they won and their rankings in different competitions.

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