Charlie Carrel stirs up controversy and is ultimately refuted in argument.

Englishman Charlie Carrel, owner of the famous online nickname “Epiphany77”, has a well-established career, with many respectable titles already won. For example, he has wins in the $50K Super High Roller at the Triton Series, the $25K High Roller at the live EPT Monte Carlo, and a spectacular crack at the SCOOP High Main Event.

All of these titles yielded prizes of more than $1 million each. This easily lends him an important voice in poker circles, but still does not make him unanimous. Last week, Carrel decided to raise a controversial issue on his Twitter account and was opposed by most of his followers.

The professional presented an even fair issue about coaching, but his approach was not backed up, mainly because some involved explained their points and gained support from the others, in what became a great debate. The story started with this tweet:

“Poker coaches should share their results, just as chess coaches share their links.

It is predatory behavior to charge large amounts of money for your product, but not include some proof of your knowledge.

Which poker coaches hide their results?”

Poker coaches should have to share their results, just as chess coaches share their links.

It is predatory behavior to charge large amounts of money for their product but not include some proof of their knowledge.

Which poker coaches out there hide their results?

– Charlie Carrel (@Charlie_Carrel) March 19, 2023

Since then, many responses contrary to this statement have begun to emerge. Even though it was a questionable point, many people gave their opinion. One of the first points to be discussed was the claim of being a predatory behavior, of bad faith, since many times the result of the person in question is not the main point.

The debate followed with some good names saying that many coaches can be excellent coaches even if they are not good players. After all, teaching and playing are things that take different variables. In addition, it was also exposed that many coachs no longer play, which would be a deterrent to showing the charts.

It is at this point that the discussion gets a good increment with Peter Clarke, who is a poker coach. He explained that being a poker teacher, he is fully dedicated to teaching and administering his classes and therefore can no longer do volume to present charts.

Carrel questioned Clarke on how he could then present himself as a good coach and then, in addition to his own defense, several other people argued in Peter’s favor, saying that his free content was some of the best on the internet and that the way he taught theory to beginners was far more important than having amazing charts.

With the counterpoints, Charlie Carrel at least looked up and acknowledged that Clarke adds value to the community with his teachings. From the general debate, it is not the positive charts that should define whether or not a coach is really good at what he does.

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