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Costa Rica’s ‘Charles3rd’ takes top score at online music festival

“Charles3rd” from Costa Rica was the best Latino player at the 888Poker online festival, which started on July 16 and ended last weekend. The series drew a total of 21,004 entrants and awarded $1,181,735 in prize money over 51 consecutive events.

  • 🇧🇷 The player from Brazil was the best performer with 13 titles.
  • 🇬🇧 Great Britain 🇨🇦Canada have six championships each.
  • 🇧🇾Belarus and 🇷🇴Romania each won four titles.
  • 🇲🇹Malta has won three championships.
  • 🇹🇭 Thailand won 2 medals 🏆.

Sri Lanka, Lithuania, Ukraine, Finland, Cyprus, Sweden, Montenegro, Moldova and Germany won only one title for their country.

Here are the Spanish-speaking Latin American players who made the final table at the festival’s 51 events.

🔰 Festive Online #01 Mini High Roller Opening Event. 3. “Charles3rd” 🇨🇷 – $1,8614. “Yoshiaki97” 🇵🇪 – $1,3598° “Greg CDG” 🇲🇽 – $5289° “scheeescheee” 🇲🇽 – $475

🔰 Online Festival #05 High Roller Opening Event3. “Charles3rd” 🇨🇷 – $3,948

🔰 Online Festival #09 PKO 6-Max9. “jonaa1994” 🇦🇷 – $228

🔰 Online Festival #12 Mystery Bounty2. “Mr. Loser” 🇺🇾 – $1,106 + Bounty $246 = Total $1,352

🔰 The Festival Online #19 Mystery Bounty4. “Athitos” 🇦🇷 – $442 + bounty $175 = total $6177. “jmdaminato” 🇦🇷 – $147 + bounty $55 = total $202

🔰 The Festival Online #24 Mini High Roller3. “slayerv1fan” 🇲🇽 – $1,710

🔰 Online Festival #27 Hawker PKO4. “Yoshiaki97” 🇵🇪 – $1,162

🔰 Online Festival #28 Mystery Bounty3. “Algarah” 🇨🇷 – $2,145 + Bounty $1,863 = Total $4,008

🔰 The Festival Online #34 PLO 6-Max2. “Sizzlinbetta”🇲🇽 – $540

🔰 The Festival Online #35 Super KO Mini6. “nostrak1ng” 🇦🇷 – $141 + 30 KO$ = total $171

🔰 Online Festival #37 Mystery Bounty3. “Donger Kim” 🇦🇷 – $513 + KO $256 = Total $769

🔰 The Festival Online #38 PKO 6-Max Mini4. “Unconscious” 🇦🇷 – $330 + KO$5 = Total $335

🔰 The Festival Online #48 Mystery Bounty High Roller Finals5. “Charles3rd” 🇨🇷 – $1,750

🔰 Online Festival #49 Party Mini High Roller2. “slayerv1fan” 🇲🇽 – $2,520

The festival culminates in a $200,000 GTD multi-flight Main Event with a $250 buy-in. The competition includes multiple flights on the first day, 26-31 July, and on the second day, 31 July at 20:00 GMT. Overall, the tournament attracted 856 players and 160 buybacks. Thus, a total of 1,016 entrants entered for a total prize pool of $238,760. The top two Latin American players are.

🔰 The Festival Online #51 Main Event28. “scheeescheee”🇲🇽 – $1,002
29. “Blachu3232″🇦🇷 – $1,002

Charles3. The total prize money is US$4,008 for third place.

Diego Costa Wins $525 Bounty Hunter HR Championship

Diego Costa Wins $525 Bounty Hunter HR Championshi...

Millers across the country were hard at work in the online MTT until the end of the straight on Tuesday 1st. Diego Costa is the $525 Bounty Hunters HR winner on GGPoker Felt. By defeating 296 opponents, the owner of the “Dihh21” account earned $25,576. Marcelo “MasesNeto” Aziz dropped to sixth place and won $6,612.

In the $1,050 Tuesday HR Classic, Ricardo “RegAposentado” Nascimento finished fifth out of 110 players, adding $8,588 to his bankroll.

“Zucao da Med” made the podium in the $215 Daily Heater [Bounty Turbo] competition and won $6,489. 178 entrants took part in the tournament.

“XunekasNF” won the gold medal and $6,348 in the $21.60 Bounty Hunters Big Game.

In the $77 Lucky Sevens Superstack Turbo “PartOfTheGame beat 409 opponents for $5,720.

Diego Costa Wins $525 Bounty Hunter HR Championshi...

Poker Face: When and Where to Watch Poker Face in Argentina and Latin America

Poker Face: When and Where to Watch Poker Face in...

Raise your hand if you have never asked to watch the series, recommend it. Yes, there are hundreds of offers, but with so many, it can be hard to pick just one. So here’s the suggestion to look at a new card that has arrived and is somehow associated with the card. Already from the title “Poker Face” and part of the plot, in the form of ten chapters of the first season (a second season is already being written).

Monty Sahan, CEO of streaming platform SkyShowtime announced at the Cannes Film Festival’s Marketplace presentation, among other novels In addition, “Poker Face” will also land in Spain, which is the first time the critically acclaimed series will be shown outside the United States and Spanish-speaking countries. The good news is, we now know when the show will be released in Latin America.

Starring Natasha Lyonne, Adrien Brody, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Nick Nolte and Ron Perlman It will air with all episodes of the first season in 2023. The director is Rian Johnson, who signed both parts of Dagger in the Back, one of the Star Wars saga films. , The Last Jedi.

Originally, “Poker Face” has been available on the Peacock website in the US since the day it premiered on January 23. In Latin America there is already a release date: August 17 on Universal+, for example in Argentina it can be seen on the cable network operator Telecentro.

So, for critics, “Poker Face” is one of the most solid episodes Peacock has ever released, and the show feels like a classic at its best , Issue comfortable TV programs. This stylish series of suspenseful tales gives established stars the time and space to solve new cases: How to develop a famous character and attract fans to join. ” From Variety.

Adrien Brody and Nata Natasha Lyonne, star of Poker Face.

Los Angeles Times, according to is it “a piece of pure fun“. Although Poker Face It’s smart, with a modern attitude, but it’s still as direct, simple, and well-prepared as it can be, to enjoy: comfort food, not “sublime,” but delicious.”

Beyond the headline, poker isn’t what it should be The most important part of the series, but its connection to this mind sport stems from casino waitress Charlie’s ability to break down “poker faces” and detect when someone is lying to solve crimes. Of course, there are even cards, tables, and chips seen in the trailer.

So enjoy it… And of course, if you recommend it, please leave a comment.

Poker Face: When and Where to Watch Poker Face in...

Melco Crown opens new circuit in Cyprus, Europe’s largest casino resort

Melco Crown opens new circuit in Cyprus, Europe's...

A new competitor in the European poker scene is taking the stage, Mediterranean City of Dreams, which recently opened on the Isle of Cyprus.

The resort includes a 14-story, 500-room pyramid-shaped hotel and also features a 7,500-square-foot casino with 100 gaming tables and 1,000 slot machines.

The Asian operator who built the resort, which is no stranger to the poker industry, also boasts a family park and sports area, conference facilities, an amphitheater, eight restaurants and the largest pool area on the island. Melco has a good relationship with operators such as Pokerstars, which has partnered with the brand to bring its poker room programming to life at the City of Dreams . Wake up Macau and Manila.

Mediterranean City of Dreams will also feature a poker room, further enhancing the northern Mediterranean country with the Merit Casino and visits to key tracks such as the Triton Series or EPT.

The new resort is on the other side of the compass, to the south, a stone’s throw from the city of Limassol. It is expected to attract poker fans from countries such as Israel, Lebanon, Italy, Tunisia or Russia, which are the most common countries on the island to host poker festivals throughout the year.

Given Melco’s links with Macau industry and Southeast Asia, Cyprus will therefore become a major destination for European and even global industry in the coming years.

Melco Crown opens new circuit in Cyprus, Europe's...

GGPoker Latin America League kicks off in August

GGPoker Latin America League kicks off in August

GGPoker’s Latin America League New Mirage, the monthly Latin America league kicks off this Wednesday. Every appointment comes with a prize and $250 worth of credits to enter the monthly leaderboard for the best prizes.

This freeroll will start from 18:00 to 21:00 (local time) and the top 25 players in this tournament will receive points for the overall leaderboard. Those with the highest scores every Wednesday will share a monthly prize pool of TWD 1,000.

As always, each event will be live on our TWITCH channel and follow Matías Terrana who will be in charge of a very interesting broadcast.

To score each date:

1. Rank: 100 points2°: 903°: 804°: 705°: 606°: 507°: 458°: 409°: 3510° – 19°: 3020°: 25

The first place winner will win the following prizes:

1. NT$1552. NT$1003. NT$904. NT$805. NT$706. NT$607. NT$508. NT$409. 30T$10° – 19°: T$25

GGPoker Latin America League kicks off in August

WSOP: Pedro Garagnani and Kun Aguero Win ITM in $50,000 Championship

Pedro Garagnani Takes WSOP $50,000 High Roller ITM...

A major event at the 2023 WSOP has been canceled until the second half of the year. The $50,000 High Roller (Event #84) attracted the best of the high rollers, including the only Brazilian player, Pedro Garagnani. 9Tales Pro managed to enter the prize pool, but was eliminated shortly after.

Garagnani outlasted 176 entrants to finish 26th. With only 27 players remaining after the bubble burst, the Brazilian quickly claimed the $80,920 jackpot pool. “pvigar” had his third ITM at the WSOP this year, with one out in Event 65 and another in the Main Event.

Pedro’s exit was a good coin toss. With blinds at 40,000/80,000, he raised to 160,000 from the cutoff and player Justin Kindred announced he was all-in from the big blind. Galagiani called for a count and found that he had slightly fewer shots than he had been given. He called for 1,400,000, AJ was behind and his opponent had 77. AJ even came up on the flop, but also a 7, and the KJ74K board ruled the case.

Also, former soccer player Sergio “Kun” Aguero was eliminated in the price range. The Manchester City legend had long been one of the tournament’s biggest stacks but found himself losing most of his chips before the final hand. Aguero finished the high-stakes tournament in 19th for $88,506.

The Argentine defended the big blind after Johannes Straver raised after a hijack at 60,000/120,000 blinds. Aguero called his opponent’s 150,000 c-bet on the AK7 flop, and after Straver bet 300,000 on the T-turn, Aguero also called his opponent’s 150,000 bet. The river was the 5 and the Dutchman called it all-in. Aguero, 700,000 yards behind, thought for four minutes before making a heroic call with a K2. Straver put A8 on the table and took the nice pot.

Pedro Garagnani Takes WSOP $50,000 High Roller ITM...

WWII Veteran Turns 100 in WSOP Main Event

WWII Veteran Turns 100 in WSOP Main Event

In a record-breaking afternoon at the WSOP, Gene Calden wrote his name into the history of the world’s greatest series. A World War II veteran, he entered the Main Event at the age of 100, becoming the oldest entrant to enter the tournament.

Gene wowed the Paris and Horseshoe crowd with his historic performance. He announces Day 1D’s “shuffle and deal” with Chris Moneymaker.

Gene made it to Level 2 and spent just over three hours in the Main Event. As a farewell, he announced he was all-in for 63 BBS on a K-8-7-4 board and called with 6-5 following Michael Karr. Gene dominated with K-8 and was not rescued by the river.

In addition to Gene, more than 4,100 players participated in the first day of competition. Even before the promotion ended, the WSOP announced it would be the largest Main Event in history, beating the 2006 season’s record of 8,773 participants.

WWII Veteran Turns 100 in WSOP Main Event

WSOP 2023 Day 29: Kaju and Sergio Martinez Issue Horseshoe Warning…Double!

WSOP 2023 Day 29: Kaju and Sergio Martinez Issue H...

Three gaps and a seventh between our three opponents in the Plo event belonged to their nine and seven and is a WPT champion and well known on the American circuit, but the only one who gave a bad feeling to the other two Spaniards Lautaro Guerra and Dani Barriocanal leading the way in the event was the Norwegian Mads Amot, he is the only one who has the three dangerous abilities of experience, familiarity with the game system and chips at the same time.

  1. Ka Kwan Lau 28,200,000
  2. Sergio Martinez 17,475,000
  3. Mads Amot 12,850,000
  4. Roger Teska 6,400,000
  5. Andjelko Andrejevic 3,425,000

The news, with the approach of an unprecedented doubles event at the 54th WSOP and major international circuit, puts an end to the bad impression we had of Javier Zarco and Antonio Gonzalez “jonwayne69” being eliminated in the Event #53 $1,500 MILLIONAIRE MAKER .

See how the direction of concentration can ruin Jon’s four days of work in the game. As an SB, 13BB is very valuable in a game with such a low average, and Antonio clearly sees an effort to steal the blinds. BB didn’t get a raise, Jon didn’t realize it if hands weren’t wide open from UTG. Jon even reached his T9.Sorry for all the upvotes I’ve gotten, hope there’s more. Thank you so much. Kiss and hug.

— Antonio Gonzalez (@jonwayne69) June 27, 2023

Javier Zarco‘s attacking strategy was correct, but it set him off on a seesaw of ups and downs that turned into a continual drama when two tables remained.

Losing two hands in a row spells doom and dismal streak material at No. 14.

Another man close to joining the Spanish party is juanki vecino, who awaits redraws of the last three tables with sergio aido and alvaro aido and alvaro puchol puchol . On a clean hand on the button, he finds a stacked pressure and throws in a 3-bet with SB’s A5. Jesse Lonis brought a premium in KK steals and left us at 14BB. The draw insisted on another fight and Lonis paid for Ju anki’s direct all-out with A6, knocking him out of the game.

WSOP 2023 Day 29: Kaju and Sergio Martinez Issue H...

Routines to Improve Your Level Without Stopping Trying

Routines to Improve Your Level Without Stopping Tr...

Today is a great day to learn seven habits that will improve you as a poker player. You may put some practice on hold, but over time it will become a habit that, if followed, will improve your game. Conventions

The following is a list. Note, however, that they are not a substitute for reflective play, nor for movement-related research. However, thanks to their application, you can better focus on these tasks.

  • Sit down as a table routine

Many poker players hunched over the table, which causes back and muscle tension. This can lead to increased fatigue and associated excruciating pain, especially after hours of playing, preventing you from concentrating 100%.

A successful poker player knows that good posture at the poker table is very important: feet parallel and flat on the floor, torso centered, head balanced and relaxed, arms relaxed and relatively free Move – This will help you avoid physical tension that inevitably damages your body. Impaired ability and concentration.

  • At the beginning of the class, take a deep breath

If you talk to a personal trainer or yoga teacher, they will tell you how important breathing is to any activity. As you sit at your desk in a comfortable, calm position, take a few deep breaths. You’ll find that this trivial exercise has a powerful relaxing effect, improving your ability to maintain emotional control and make sound game decisions.

Good posture at the dinner table is very important for maintaining concentration.

Breathing helps maintain energy levels and focus, especially during long poker games.

  • Take frequent breaks

Well, we get it, no one wants to leave the negotiating table when everything is going well. But standing up and stretching every 60-90 minutes is a good habit and a must for all successful poker players.

Stretching and exercising (even if just for a few minutes) can improve blood circulation. You can also assess how you are playing, whether your table is profitable, and whether you are in the right mental and/or emotional state to continue playing.

  • Find Your Daily Habit

Every poker hand requires a series of small actions and movements; in the same way, you can avoid distractions and learn to focus on the important parts of the game.

At the beginning of each hand, take out your card, lift the corner and look at it, while protecting it with the other hand. Memorize them, place them back in the middle of the table, and secure them with card protectors.

When you learn to execute these gestures consistently and effectively, you will stay relaxed at the table and present yourself as a confident player to your opponents.

  • Count the pots

This should also become a habit, an automatic habit that no one will notice. For those unaccustomed, counting pots is not an easy task at first: do it in the obvious way, even if it slows you down. This will soon become routine.

If you can always calculate the size of the pot in your head, your game will never slow down, even if you are in an important pot and facing a difficult decision: in short In short, you are eliminating a potential lead.

  • Make a Decision

Even if you have to bet or fold, make it a habit. For example, you can pause for a few seconds before acting, even if it’s not necessary because he already knows you’re backing off.

Before you make a decision, decide how much you want to bet, announce your bet, collect the chips you need in front of you, and then make the firm move to invest them in the pot. This way you avoid the situation of indecision that many beginners fall into, and re-instill confidence.

  • Poker players laugh!

Many players keep a serious poker face because they think it’s a good way to scare their opponents. In fact, people with this attitude can become suspicious, wary, stressed, and risk-averse. Are you sure you want to play this way in poker? Generally speaking, the happier and friendlier poker players are, the more relaxed and willing their opponents are to take risks.

Developing these positive habits does not guarantee success. There is still a lot to learn to be a good poker player. But by incorporating them into your game, you can better focus on the decisions that will make your game profitable.

Routines to Improve Your Level Without Stopping Tr...

These Latin American players compete in the Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship

These Latin American players compete in the Omaha...

NEW Event #25: $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better TournamentStarts at Las Vegas Horseshoe and Paris Course, High-Quality Events in Sin City Return to Big Crowds . 188 players battled it out across ten levels this Saturday, but only 102 entrants made it through, including some Latinos.

Connor Drinan is the chip leader on day one.

Attracting 196 entrants last year, attendance is expected to match and possibly exceed as late registration remains open until Day 2 begins on Sunday 11 June.

Defending 2022 champion and WSOP Player of the Year Daniel Zack emerged in the closing stages with 77,000 in chips The second half of the first stage is the survivors. Connor Drinan secures the chip lead with 340,000, Damjan Radanov (299,000) and David Williams (293,000), while the top ten of the night also included Bryce Yockey (270,000) and Zachary Freeman , who participated in Event No. 10 Rank: Dealership Trader’s Choice Tournament with a buy-in of $10,000.

Our representatives are ranked as follows:

11.: Yuri Dzivielevski – 181,000 23rd place: Nacho Barbero – 147,000 (cover image) No. 43: Jose Paz -Gutierrez – 110,000 No. 64: Jose Luis Velador – 74,000 No. 75: Felipe Ramos – 55,000 No. 79: Andres Korn – 52,000

Deadline for latecomers is 1pm. Local time entered the tournament and started the day with 60,000 in chips. That equates to 15 big blinds and 7.5 big bets at Level 11, which offers blinds of 2,000-4,000 and limits of 4,000-8,000. From day 2, the length of each level increases to 90 minutes, with a break after each level. The second part of the four-day race is expected to approach or even exceed the price bubble.

These Latin American players compete in the Omaha...

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